Below are some of our Client Testimonials

By: Brittney Robinson

Working with Jasmine and her team has been a great experience! She helped my family and I find the perfect home! Her passion for real estate really shines through. She has become a great friend in the process as well. My family and I are looking forward to her help on our next home purchase!

By: Jacqueline Forde

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jasmine Lee. As a Realtor, she holds her clients and team members in high regards. Jasmine has been more than the ideal Realtor and Business partner and in order to achieve the highest referral base and deepest respect, she has demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a vision far beyond her clients vision.

By: Tracy Walker

Jasmine Lee represented me in the sale and purchase of my new home in 2010. She was extremely responsive during the entire process and because she was super organized it minimized the level of stress that can accompany these type of events – in the end she found a beautiful home for me and my family and every day I am thankful that she respected my check list, because the house has everything I wanted and more.

By: Robin Trotman

Jasmine is an amazing person to work with. She is very trustworthy, punctual and charming, to her clients. She has high integrity and work hard to get the job done. I will recommend Jasmine to the world to sell their homes. She is an awesome Real Estate Agent.

By: Nicole Baker

I hired Jasmine as my Real Estate Agent to sell my first home. Jasmine came highly recommended and she certainly delivered an exceptional experience. I felt so at ease with Jasmine working with me and even better when my home was sold over asking price! I immediately hired her again to buy another home for our family. Her service is not of the average Realtor. She is very Experienced, Educated, Honest, Caring and most important she was very personable. She worked well with everyone in the family to ensure all our needs were met during the entire process. My experience with Jasmine as my Realtor has been AWESOME and I know our family have a Realtor for life!

By: Toney Williams

Jasmine is a detailed orientated person who cares deeply about her clients needs, financial limits and unique requests when in search for a home. Also, from my knowledge of Jasmine's body of work, she encourages challenges that consistently impresses buyers and sellers on a daily basis.

By: Jeron Kerr

Jasmine, words cannot describe how professional your work is. You have such great pride and determination to work hard for what is yours. It has been an honour designing your material. Best of luck in the future to come!

By: Yvonne Mitchell

Jasmine is a complete professional. She is a knowledgeable expert, who takes the time to get to know her clients so that she can deliver what they want. She is with you at every point in the process, and gives you all of the information you need, and more. She is personable, and timely. I would recommend her to anyone thinking about or looking into the purchase and/or sale of a property.

By: Chevonne Robinson

Jasmine is the real estate agent you need, she will go to the end, she does her due diligence and will strive to give you the best service and get you the best selling price as possible. As she is a hard worker, she takes great pride in representing her clients. I would not think twice from recommending Jasmine to the client's in my network.

By: Nick Gomes

What can I say about Jasmine and her team, they are a very professional group of individuals, go getters, serves all their clients needs in a manner befitting to the industry standards, I have done many home inspections for this team, I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is serious about buying a home. This is my tenth year in the business and I would be happy recommending Jasmine and her team of professionals. Nick Gomes CHI, Sherlook Homes Inspection Services Inc.

By: Troy Crossfield

Jasmine Lee is one of the best Real Estate Agents I have met. She has extensive knowledge in the housing markets and I have gone forward and recommended her to close friends and family. She is an amazing, young, bright, and ambitious woman with an out of the box mentality. Jasmine just doesn't want to sell a house but make a home for a new family. She looks at your needs, takes the approach to ensure your financial decision is right for you and goes above and beyond the job. She is anything but average, and with her marketing tools, associates setting up financial advice conferences, her follow ups, she is definitely a person to have in your corner when buying.

By: Sam Ghany

Jasmine is an amazing Realtor with many years of experience. She possesses brilliant Social Media strategies and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure her clients are well taken care of. Jasmine has a creative and positive outlook on work and life which is infectious. I look forward to working with you a lot more Jasmine!

By: Chattrisse Dolabaille

I consider Jasmine to be a "supermodel," and while she's obviously gorgeous I don't just mean that. As soon as I was introduced to her I recognized Ms Lee as a role model and an inspiration; someone who puts in work, gets results, aspires to excellence and always achieves it, and believes in lifting others while she continues to climb. I recommend her without hesitation.

By: Wolf François

Jasmine is a hard and honest worker which is a required characteristic from our professionals in this industry. She has great work ethics. Above all she is very knowledgeable.

By: John Schiebel

I approached several realtors on the matter of how to effectively advertize, price and then sell a home with a dated "grow op" mark on its municipality history. Jasmine was the most responsive of all and provided both creative and reasonable ways on how the issue could be addressed to my satisfaction. She was also very comprehensive in her reply ... as to include recommendations for possible home re-certification needs. Further to that, Jasmine has remained dedicated to my need in a very professional and friendly manner towards her ability to be "the" face to my solution come the time the home implicated is put up for sale.

By: Sandra Gabriel

Jasmine is a true model of diligence and discipline. Her work ethic is infectious and her clients are like her family and stay connected with her before, during and after the sale. I highly recommend working with her.

By: Fabian Reid

Working with Jasmine Lee has been and obsoletely pleasure; she is a go getter who carries herself in a very professional manner; her dedication to her craft is very evident, when you listen to her speak. In addition, her level of excellent is very contagious. I would highly recommend Jasmine Lee services to anyone who want to be treated with respect and dignity. I always say, to know her is to love her. Thank you Fabian Reid

By: Anup Bhagwandin

Jasmine Lee defines ferocity! Her never-ending fortitude for professional success and personal growth is second to none. Jasmine’s love and passion for real estate has positioned her as a well-respected expert in her industry.

By: Karina Davies

Jasmine is amazing in what she does. She is very professional and talented. Jasmine is very reliable. I'm beyond happy with her wonderful work.

By: Damon B

Jasmine is a great resource. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always available. I would highly suggest her services.

By: Avani Acharya

Very rarely do we find people who are so passionate and enthusiastic about their job. Jasmine is one such person. Along with love for her profession, she also has an amazing rapport with her clients, always paying high level attention to them and their priorities. Her success speaks for her hard work and dedication that she puts in for each of her deals. A professional attitude and a friendly colleague, Jasmine is definitely your agent for life. Wish you and your team continued success in future. :)

By: Nicole Chin

Choosing Jasmine as my agent was one of the greatest decisions I made when purchasing my new home. She was professional, patient, knowledgeable and VERY trustworthy. She embodies her tag "Your personal Realtor for life." Thanks for all your support Jasmine!

By: Erik Flowchild

Professional, personable, and in the know.

By: Jules Bedeau

Jasmine’s dedication to her clients is unparalleled; she tirelessly researches the market to find the home that will fit their needs. Jasmine differs from many other realtors in the sense that she understands the current market and utilizes a variety of online and traditional marketing methods to further engage existing and prospective clients. In addition, with her natural flare and personal touch, Jasmine knows how to empathize with a client to ensure their interests are protected. Jasmine is extremely diligent when it comes to knowing about available properties. I will often receive an e-mail or online notification from Jasmine as soon as a new house appears on the market. Although I am not in the market for a home at the moment, I often forward prospective homeowners to her so that they may receive the utmost in client care.

By: Nicolle Williams

WOW is the word that I would use to describe my experience with Jasmine, she took the time to get a full understanding of my family's needs and took immediate action to get the job done. She really puts clients first and I would hire her again, she is "my realtor for life".

By: John Zinati

I have happily worked with Jasmine and her clients on many occasions and found that she is very involved and attentive to her client's transactions and needs. It will be my pleasure to continue to do so.

By: Danielle Appleton

Jasmine is dedicated, hard working and very reliable.

By: Nick Gomes

It’s with great pleasure introducing and recommending Jasmine Lee to you, she’s top Agent from the Durham Area. I am a Professional Home Inspector at Sherlook Homes Inspection Services Inc, I have had the pleasure of working with Jasmine on various Inspections and found her to be the ultimate Agent as Realtors go with a dynamic personality and a very professional Manor, she has a high drive with an abundance of knowledge in the Real Estate industry, Jasmine has a fantastic personality and has gained a great deal of respect from clients, agents and many others who has come into contact with this wonderful person. I believe Jasmine will be an excellent fit for any client looking to purchase or sell a home. If you are in the process of purchasing and selling your Home, Please remember the Name Jasmine Lee, you will never regret your decision.. Sincerely,CN Gomes CHI Sherlook Homes Inspection Inc..

By: Anthony Bungaro

Jasmine is a very professional and results orientated individual! Listening to her clients needs, and taking care of all their requirments.Jasmine is an asset to Century 21 Leading Edge and we are proud to have her a part of our team !

By: Brianne Nugent

Jasmine, has helped me so much, she is caring, dependable, reliable and is always willing to assist, at any hour of the day or night. Her work ethic is unlike any other I have ever met and she will prove this time and time again. Her proven love and zest for her career breads compassion,energy and excitement. Please allow Jasmine to assist you with your next dream, venture or purchase.. because its true she is "your Realtor for life"

By: Kenny kazeem

Looking for a home? Well with Jasmine you are in good hands.

By: Karen Donaldson

Jasmine is a powerhouse realtor who clearly has a passion for what she does. She treats every client like they were her only client and shows in her interactions and communication. It is a pleasure knowing and working with Jasmine.

By: Michael Andrews

Jasmine is highly professional and motivated to serve her clients needs. She has a smile that lights up a room and a caring heart. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

By: Siobhan Bent

Jasmine is a specialist in client satisfaction. Using her professionalism, expertise and great negotiating skills, both buyers and sellers are guaranteed a great experience while working with her!

By: Isoken Ibie

Jasmine lee is very friendly,hard working, team player, and a goal getter. She is fun to be around with and always willing to listen and assist whether as a friend or as a collegue. She is a trust worthy pretty, smart, intelligent, respectful and confident lady. she knows her job and can deliver great services. The happiness of her clients is her almost satisfaction. Jasmine is very open, reliable and enthusiastic about anything she does. She is always willing to train and share information with others.

By: Jeff Allen The Sign Man


By: Pedro Ho

A real professional, great leadership

By: Lenworth Nelson

Jasmine is a hard worker

By: Simone Johnson

he name Jasmine means "God's gift." And that’s just what you are to your clients. You represent amiability, modesty, grace and elegance. You are an awesome Realtor to work with, you think outside of the box and you truly take the time to help your clients make the right decisions. When purchasing a home, it can be overwhelming and I must say you help to take away the fears and concerns that come with this big step. You are “awesome” keep doing what you do; you were born to do this. I wish you great success and prosperity.

By: Tasis Giannoukakis

I have had the pleasure of managing Jasmine and can say I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell Real Estate. She is energetic, goal oriented, extremely ethical and diligent in getting the job done. More importantly she gets the job done right. If you are looking for a Full Time Realtor to serve your needs I trust that Jasmine will not disappoint you.

By: Kweku Winful

Jasmine is amazing at her job and no one looks to better serve their clients than her. From initial inquiry to closing the final sale, Jasmine not only looks to ensure that you get what you want and need, but she also operates with integrity, honesty, thorough knowledge and a genuine passion throughout the whole process. She is your best option for a real estate agent anywhere in the GTA.

By: Billy Castilla

Jasmine is an exceptional person with high degree of professionalism and work ethic. When given a task, she most certainly would go beyond the the call of duty to achieve great results. She is a doer. An achiever. A massive action taker.

By: Shahan Guler

Jasmine is a professional Real Estate salesperson, she works hard and looks after her clients interests at all times.

By: Liz Verstraeten

Jasmine and I worked together on an offer well into the wee hours of the night to get the deal done for both of our clients. She was a pleasure to work with, professional in her presentation and knowledgeable. In my lengthy career, I have met alot of agents, and Jasmine is one that I will remember fondly, and hope to do another deal with her!! Good work Jasmine....it's nice to know there are still professional agents out there who get the job done properly.

By: Brian Anderson

Jasmine Lee is a Tenacious hard working Realtor who provides great service for her clients !!!

By: Melonie Arscott

Jasmine Lee is a driven and dedicated professional. Her outstanding character and business ethics sets her apart from the majority of real estate agents whom I have known. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a home, Jasmine's assertive display of ethics, consideration, and stamina will make you a satisfied and loyal client for many years to come.

By: Stephanie Keith

Jasmine was my Realtor last year, she helped my son and I purchase our first home. From getting to know her at our first in person meeting, I knew that we were making the right choice by choosing her to represent us in this very special moment of our life. She was always available to talk to me, if I was ever worried. When we closed on the home she called us a few times afterwards to see how we were enjoying the home and to see if there was any way she could help. The plant that she gave us on the day of closing is flourishing in my kitchen window, which is a constant reminder of the wonderful individual who made my "First Home" a reality! Thank you, Jasmine Lee. Sincerely, A satisfied client Stephanie Scott

By: Theo Odartei

Jasmine Lee is the most dynamic Real Estate Agents I have ever worked with. I have recommended her to a lot of my friend and colleagues. Here is what happened! I had to sell my house at the most desperate time and she was the forth agent I interview. I immediately chose her because of her strong knowledge of the real estate industry and her amazing attitude. Her approach was beyond just selling a house but provided us with the best client experience one can image. Our house was sold within two days of presentation. She is very trustworthy and delivered exactly what we were promised. Even though we are no longer in her jurisdiction, she provided us with valuable advice during the purchase of our current home. She is great individual and my family is pleased to know her.

By: Sandra Gabriel

Jasmine is a driven and hard working professional. She is very focused when it comes to serving her clients and a motivator when it comes to working with other businesses. Her work ethic is both encouraging and an inspiration.